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Ceramic Pro is a multi-layer, transparent and liquid-based nano-ceramic coating. Once hardened, this technology transforms to the surface into a permanent, durable and flexible glass screen. Ceramic Pro can be described as an additional transparent layer, with 3 times the hardness and self-cleaning properties

Auto Packaging CERAMIC PRO


How is that possible?

No other paint coating offers this level of SLICKNESS, PROTECTION and durability

Ceramic Pro once hardened, is measured to have a hardness greater than 9h. The normal clear layer has a hardness between 2h and 4h. The increased hardness of the coated surface is vast. This makes it the hardest paint coating on the market. This new glass shield prevents small scratches on your varnish and acts as a sacrificial layer. This preserves the factory’s original paint.

All surface scratches that occur in the coating are easily eliminated by a light polishing that will not weaken the integrity of the original transparent layer. With Ceramic Pro, your paint does not fade and age with UV protection in the glass coating. Think of Ceramic Pro as a layer of additional transparent coating, but much more difficult. All of this allows you to have more peace of mind and to take full advantage of your vehicle, even in difficult environments.

Shiny, smooth and self-cleaning this nanotechnology allows ceramic nanoparticles to fill the smallest pores of the paint, making the ceramic Pro protective glass shiny, smooth and extremely smooth or hydrophobic. Ceramic Pro dramatically reduces the surface tension preventing environmental contaminants such as bird droppings, insects, dirt, tar and graffiti paint from sticking to the surface. Water easily removes dirt from the surface by encapsulating it while rolling out of the surface. This is called the self-cleaning effect.

Permanent Protection Ceramic Pro 9h is a unique application if it is properly maintained. Once the Ceramic Pro Glass has hardened, it can only be removed by abrasion, such as wet sanding. This puts Ceramic Pro in a category apart, compared to the sealing products or waxes that degrade quickly.


The coating will protect the exterior and interior of the vehicle against damage during a lifetime. The market value of resale will be significantly higher! Ceramic Pro pays off in the end.


Once the coating is applied, you will see an incomparable mirror effect, brilliance and color depth. With proper maintenance, the finish of your car will shine for many years.


The coated surface will not let dust, dust and tar adhere to your paint, wheels or glass. This makes washing your vehicle less laborious and less frequent. Waxing is now obsolete.

The CERAMIC PRO system

CERAMIC PRO is not just for car painting. We have proven SOLUTIONS to protect the interiors.

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Can Ceramic Pro protect my vinyl / packaging?
Yes, Ceramic Pro will protect your vinyl from spills, stains, oil / grime and UV rays. Ceramic Pro is completely flexible and will not crack or peel off your vinyl. As with all surfaces, Ceramic Pro offers a self-cleaning effect that makes it easy to clean your vinyl. Say goodbye to countless vinyl cleaning agents.
Does Ceramic Pro fade, crack, peel or yellow?
No, Ceramic Pro will not crack, peel or yellow. Our products have undergone SGS testing and live testing in some of the world’s most challenging environments and have surpassed all of them.
Is Ceramic Pro safe for other surfaces of the vehicle?
Yes, one of the great properties of Ceramic Pro is its versatility and ability to protect any surface you choose.
Ceramic Pro est-il une alternative à la cire?
Oui, une fois que Ceramic Pro est appliqué, vous n’aurez plus jamais besoin de cirer. Le nettoyage de la peinture de votre véhicule est aussi simple que de le maintenir sous votre verre / pare-brise. Pas besoin de lavages abrasifs ni de cires / mastics.
Is Ceramic Pro safe for other surfaces of the vehicle?
Oui, après le traitement Ceramic Pro, le durcissement devient 3 fois plus difficile que la peinture. Le revêtement est beaucoup plus résistant aux rayures. Ceramic Pro est un revêtement en verre, et bien que le verre puisse encore être rayé et ébréché, il est beaucoup plus résistant que votre vernis.
Can I apply Ceramic Pro to my own vehicle?
No, Ceramic Pro must be applied by trained and certified professionals. This product requires great attention to detail and an understanding of how solvent-based coatings work.
Is Ceramic Pro safe for painting or varnish?
Yes, Ceramic Pro products are formulated to be safe for all surfaces, including your paint. Ceramic Pro will not damage your varnish or paint and will not void the manufacturer’s warranty.
What is the application process and how long does it take?
The Ceramic Pro process takes between 1 and 5 days, depending on the condition of your paint, the size of the vehicle and the selected packages. The first step is to wash and prepare the vehicle. The second step is to correct any paint imperfections such as swirls and scratches. Once the vehicle is properly prepared, a safe preparation solvent for body shops will be applied throughout the vehicle to achieve bare paint. At this point, the coating process will begin and each panel of the vehicle will be subjected to the application, leveling and stacking of Ceramic Pro to get the package you have selected.
My car has scratches and other pre-existing damage, can Ceramic Pro be applied on it?
No, our trained and certified professionals are experts in the art of surface correction. Our professionals will restore your vehicle in the best possible conditions before the Ceramic Pro application.